Our resources, IP and facilities

To consistently deliver work of the highest quality, we have a very capable and versatile team we can rely on. On top of that, we draw from various resources we have at our disposal ranging from excellent acoustic testing facilities to prototyping and manufacturing equipement. We also draw from intellectual properties, such as our software and algorithms for speech intelligibility testing and our proprietary 3D audio technology

Hearing protection IP

We have a long history of working on high-tech hearing protection solutions. Members of our team were among the first researchers to work on military noise-cancelation headsets in the 1990s. We have proprietary technology and solutions at our disposal for to overcome various challenges related to hearing protection. An important theme is always the struggle to preserve speech intelligibility and situational awareness (which calls for "open ears') while protection the ear against harmful noise. We can offers solutions ranging from acoustic filtering techniques and dynamic compression to (wireless) signal transmission and active noise reduction. Our IP enables us contribute to the development of headsets and hearing protectors by providing specific subsystems, but we are also comfortable to take on the development of protective headsets as a whole. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

3D audio IP

There is much to be said about 3D audio - and there is much to be confused about. When implemented properly, 3D audio can be much more than just the type of gimmick that is often called 3D sound. Using our proprietary Real 3D audio engine, sound played back from a headset can be placed at any virtual source position with astounding precision. Pinpointing virtual sound sources is done with almost the same accuracy as can be achieved through natural hearing (listening to real sound sources without a headset). This goes beyond just the spatial experience of 3D audio that has become commonplace in entertainment and gaming. Our 3D audio is licensed to multiple leading manufacturers of military communications equipment. To find out what Real 3D audio could mean for your product, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speech intelligibility IP


 We have an elaborate track record when it comes to speech intelligibility: from developing test methods tot building test equipment to conducting large-scale surveys. Our team has been a driving force behind the development of the Speech Transmission Index for more than 25 years, and comprises the original inventors of STIPA and of most advanced STI-model features introduced since rev.2 of the iEC-standard for the STI (IEC-60268-16).

We have licensed our test signals and algorithms to various manufacturers of test equipment and PA/VA systems. The Speech Transmission Index method is fully described in standards and scientific papers, and as such part of the public domain. However, test signals are copyrighted and need to be developed by anybody who wants to commercially release new STI implementations. To implement the STI model efficiently, proprietary processing algorithms are developed by each manufacturer. A significant reduction in development time and cost can be achieved by licensing algorithms and signals from Embedded Acoustics. Embedded Acoustics is currently the only company that has developed IP for implementing Full STI measurements through the direct method. 

Next to solutions for measuring intelligibility, we also have algorithms and embedded implementations for optimizing intelligibility. This includes software for determining the optimal channel characteristics as well as signal processing solutions to enhance intelligibility.

Prototyping and manufacturing facilities

We have in-house capabilities for PCB assembly for prototypes and small series, up to approx. 100 pcs. We work with trusted partners for mass production orders that call for larger series. For final assembly, we have 4 stations available that allow us to assemble multiple products at the same time, up to a volume of 10,000/yr. We mass produce products at our facilities for our own brands and for various customers. We have a skilled and flexible assembly workforce (mostly working part-time) that allows us to quickly ramp up production if we need to deliver quickly or in suddenly increased quantities.

Our prototyping resources include a well-equipped mechanical workshop, an industrial laser cutter, multiple 3D printers and various other tools.

Acoustic laboratory

We have a fully equipped acoustics laboratory at our disposal, featuring a large anechoic chamber and a configurable reverberant chamber. We use certified acoustic test equipment from top manufacturers, frequently calibrated to traceable standards.   We are uniquely equipped to combine acoustic testing with design, modification and testing of electronics and software. This enables us to significantly shorten product development cycles, since we can deal with (acoustics) testing requirements without being dependent on external test houses.

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