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Bedrock SM50

Bedrock SM50

The Bedrock SM50 is the most reliable and most advanced STIPA measuring instrument on the market. In fact, it is much more - the SM50 is an allround acoustic measuring instrument featuring all the usual measuring functions, such as a fully compliant class 2 sound level meter and a real-time analyser. The Bedrock BTB65 TalkBox, an alround acoustic signal generator, is its ideal companion for STIPA testing as well as…

Optimization of communication systems

Optimization of communication systems

Any electro-acoustic system used for communication, whether it is a military radio or a public address system, can only perform if it is tuned for its acoustic environment.

Hearing protection and sound dose monitoring

Hearing protection and sound dose monitoring

Simply blocking as much sound from the outside world as you can is just not good enough. The key is always to find the proper balance between competing design criteria.

Real 3D audio

Real 3D audio

3D audio is known through its entertainment applications, and for creating an immersive acoustic environment. It can also be much more than that - if properly done, 3D audio enables accurate localization of (virtual) sound sources.

Audio quality

Audio quality

Benefit from our decades of experience in reliable and validated audio quality tests. There is more to getting reliable results than just recruiting a listening panel.

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Embedded Acoustics is committed to sparking innovation in the fields of acoustics, speech and hearing. Our mission is to translate scientific knowledge and high-tech engineering into working, real life products and services. We're not just talk - get in touch and find out what we are all about: expertise, experience and a practical mindset.


White paper: measuring STIPA in practice

Speech Transmission Index measurements are now widely accepted as a rigorous and validated way to determine speech intelligibility. STIPA measuring tools such as our own Bedrock SM50 are used ever more widely - also be people new to acoustic testing and to the Speech Transmission Index concept. Although STIPA is thoroughly documented, through standards as well as a vast body of scientific papers, the current documentation is not easily accessible.

We just wrote a new white paper to assist newcomers in getting started with STIPA. More seasoned users may also find the white paper useful. It fills the gap between the pragmatic level of the user manual and the abstract level of our scientific publications.

The white paper is available for download here (registered users only - registration is free and easy).



Calibrated audio recording for the Bedrock SM50 released

We have just released firmware version 1.4 for the Bedrock SM50.  New units now ship with this version. The new firmware supports recording of calibrated audio in all measurement modules. For one thing, this feature is great to preserve a fully intact audit trail of all your measurements: you can always redo your analysis on the actual data collected. This also allows the user to make calibrated recordings for offline processing by any other kind of acoustics analysis software.

The SLM module now also supports LCpeak. Know bugs and issues were fixed, and the manual was expanded and improved.

This is the first hardware instrument brought to you by the very team that developed STIPA.

Read all about the SM50 on our Bedrock product website. To name a few of the highlights:

  • Fully compliant STIPA meter (IEC-620268-16 4th ed.)
  • Fully compliant class 2 / type 2 SLM (IEC-61672 / ANSI S1.4
  • 1/3 or 1/1 octave band equalizer with class 0 filters (IEC-61260)
  • Intuitive full-colour touch screen interface
  • Includes microphone, charger, windscreen and all other accessories you might need
  • Comes with 24-month worldwide pick-up&return warranty
  • More features to come through free firmware upgrades

There's more good news: the price! The price is only €1000 (excl. VAT, if applicable, and excl. shipping). Order through our webshop or contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it department.


ADIOS: Acoustic Detection and Identification of Drones

Embedded Acoustics was awarded a phase 1 SBIR grant to investigate the feasibility of drone detection by means of acoustic sensors. We will study passive detection (based on statistical pattern recognition on microphone signals) as well as active detection (measuring reflections of ultrasonic wave front). This feasibility study is scheduled to be completed by March 2015.



Embedded Acoustics wins "Veiligheids innovatie Competitie 2014"

We are very proud to announce that we have won the "Veiligheids Innovatie Competitie" (Security Innovation Competition)! This contest was jointly organised by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Security and Justice. Companies (in particular SME's) were challenged to come up with highly innovative concepts of new products and services for the Netherlands security regions. Nearly 60 companies initially registered interest in participation, of which approx. 30 submitted a proposal. Five finalists were selected from these proposals. The finals took place on Friday 14 November. The finalists pitched their proposals to a distinguished jury, consisting of high-ranking officials representing all relevant stakeholders.

The concept introduced by Embedded Acoustics is called "personal data recorder," or PDR. The PDR is a small, lightweight device, to be worn by first responders, that continuously records audio, video, GPS location and other sensor data. Data from the PDR serves as objective evidence against individuals committing acts of violence against first responders, which (unfortunately) is a major issue these days. Also, PDR data can be used to quickly and accurately determine the sequence of events  in the aftermath of incidents and crises.


The prize is a contract worth €200,000. The prize money will be used to further develop the concept, making prototypes suitable for operational testing available by the end of 2015.


Acoustics consulting staff now offshore qualified

Embedded Acoustics is known to apply its knowledge to technical consulting  projects in a wide variety of application fields, ranging from trains to airplanes, and from road tunnels to concert halls. We are proud to announce that we have now extended our scope to offshore activities. Embedded Acoustics staff have acquired the necessary certificates for working on offshore platforms anywhere in the North Sea region (NOGEPA, OPITO, OLF).

Services offered to the offshore sector include all types of acoustic measurements, including speech intelligibility measurements for verification and evaluation of evacuation systems and general announcement systems.